Department of Neurobiology


Distinguished Professor & Chair of Neurobiology:
Peter Strick Central circuitry and control of voluntary movement; basal ganglia and cerebellar involvement in movement, cognition and affect.
Primary Faculty:
Elias Aizenman Cellular/molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration & neuroprotection
Kathy Albers Sensory neuron development
Brian Davis Somatic and visceral pain
Claire Cheetham Development, Plasticity and Regeneration of Neural Circuits
Chris Donnelly Molecular pathogenesis of neurodegeneration and aging
Omar Gharbawie Organization of cortical areas that control prehension in non-human primates
Mike Gold Molecular mechanisms underlying pain
Karl Herrup
Mac Hooks Organization of mouse cortical circuitry underlying control of movement
John Horn Synaptic Computation and Neuromodulation in Catecholaminergic Neurons
Karl Kandler Developmental and Pathological Plasticity of Auditory Brainstem Circuits, Neuronal Mechanisms underlying Tinnitus
Rick Koerber Organization and plasticity in the spinal dorsal horn
Cynthia Lance-Jones Motoneuron development and spinal cord patterning
Laura Lillien CNS stem cells
Stacey Rizzo Behavioral Pharmacology and Drug Discovery for Alzheimerís Disease and Aging- related Disorders
Sarah Ross Functionally dissect the neural circuits that underlie pain and itch
Lania Rubio Central Auditory Plasticity/Neuron-glia Interaction
Vatsun Sadagopan Perception of complex sounds in realistic listening conditions
John Schumann Director of Medical Anatomy
Andy Schwartz Cerebral basis for volitional movement and cortical neural prosthetics.
Rebecca Seal Studies of sensory and motor circuits in health and disease.
Afonso Silva
William Stauffer Neuronal mechanisms for reward processing and decision making
Amantha Thathiah Cellular and molecular pathogenesis in Alzheimer's disease
Rob Turner Basal ganglia and cortex in health and disease
Nathan Urban Synaptic and computational physiology in the olfactory system
Zak Wills Neural Circuit Development and Dysfunction in Disease
Research Faculty:
Andreea Bostan Research Assistant Professor (Strick)
Christina Cerkevich Research Assistant Professor (Strick)
Sang-Ho Choi Research Assistant Professor (Silva)
J. J. Couey Research Assistant Professor (Hooks)
Richard Dum Research Associate Professor (Strick)
Darcy Griffin Research Assistant Professor (Strick)
T. Kevin Hitchens Research Associate Professor (Strick)
Donna Hoffman Research Associate Professor (Strick)
Christi Kolarcik Research Instructor (Strick)
Paul Kullmann Research Assistant Professor (Horn)
Machiko Obayashi Research Assistant Professor (Strick)
Nathalie Picard Research Assistant Professor (Strick)
Emeritus, Secondary, and Adjunct Faculty:
Sam Agnihotri Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
Carey Balaban Professor, Department of Otolaryngology
Corina Bondi Assistant Professor, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Leah Byrne Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology
George Carvell Professor and Associate Dean, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Edward Dixon Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery
G. Bard Ermentrout Professor, Department of Mathematics
Robert Friedlander Professor and Chair, Department of Neurological Surgery
Aryn Gittis Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, CMU
Willi Halfter Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurobiology
Al Humphrey Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurobiology
Marsha Ritter Jones Assistant Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine
Sandy Kuhlman Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, CMU
Carl Lagenaur Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurobiology
Zhe-Xi Luo Professor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy, U. Chicago
Derek Molliver Associate Professor, University of New England
A. Paula Monaghan-Nichols Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Jami Saloman Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine (Davis)
Dan Simons Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurobiology
Floh Thiels Program Director, IOS, National Science Foundation
Thanos Tzounopoulos Professor and Vice Chair of Research, Department of Otolaryngology. Director, Pittsburgh Hearing Research Center
John Wible Curator and Head of Section, Mammals, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Ross Williamson Assistant Professor, Department of Otolaryngology
Joe Yip Associate Professor Emeritus, Department of Neurobiology

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